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Establishing 'Making it Happen' as a 'Formal & Predictable' Discipline
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DW Testing and Implementation
Like some other aspects, Data warehouse testing is fairly different from a transaction processing system. The amount of data and possible test scenarios can run into huge sets. The trick is to find a right balance.

Data Warehouse Testing is Different   
All works in Data Warehouse population are mostly through batch runs. Therefore the testing is different from what is done in transaction systems.
Data Warehouse Testing Categories   
Categories of Data Warehouse testing includes different stages of the process. The testing is done on individual and end to end basis.
Data Warehouse Test Scenarios   
Data Warehouse testing includes all typical testing like exception testing, boundary testing, stress testing etc..
Data Warehouse Test Data   
Test Data ranges from a small set to the complete production data.
Data Warehouse Implementation Deployment   
Data Warehouse implementation will need installation of checking in the final version, productionizing, installing client applications, establishing service and support mechanism, user communications and week-end conversion of database.

   DW Design & Architecture DW Maintenance Enhancement  

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