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Establishing 'Making it Happen' as a 'Formal & Predictable' Discipline
  Business Intelligence Architecture Scenarios  

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BI Architecture Components
These are the building block of the BI architecture. All possible architecture scenarios will have some or all of these components. This chapter endeavors to de-mystify the definitions of often misused terms.

BI Data Warehouse Source System   
These are the feeder systems and start point of data flow in the overall BI architecture.
Data Warehouse BI Staging Area   
Staging area is the place where all transformation, cleansing and enrichment is done before data can flow further.
De-normalized DW- Data Warehouse vs. Data mart   
Data Warehouse/ Data Mart form the sanitized repository of Data which can be accessed for various purposes.
OLAP Server Layer and capabilities- Why is OLAP needed?   
OLAP sits between the Data Warehouse and the End-User Tool.
ODS- Operational Data Store   
Operational Data Store is a centralized repository of Data put on for online operational use.
BI & Data Warehouse- End User Tools   
End User tools include tools for managing reporting, analytics, Data Mining, Performance and Decision Modeling.

  Business Intelligence Architecture Scenarios  

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